Spring has sprung! Happy Spring “Freight Friends”! The spring equinox took place last evening (Tuesday March 19th at 11:06 P.M. EDT), this marks the moment when the sun sits directly over the earth’s equator as it heads northward. The Northern and Southern Hemispheres share the sun’s rays equally at the equinox, and night and day are roughly the same length.

As the seasons change, Demanko is consistently providing safety-first, solution-based trucking services throughout North America. This change of season brings eternal hope of new opportunities in the transportation industry as we leave the cold darkness of winter for the bright warmth of spring. May your organization find the service and coverage you have been searching for all winter and have smooth pickups and deliveries. With the warner weather and longer days, we will have more time to effectively move more cargo.

The team of freight professionals at Demanko wishes you all a happy and healthy spring shipping season!