Happy holidays “Freight Friends”! We had a blast at our annual office Christmas party last Friday! We played games, did a cookie swap, and enjoyed each other’s company while indulging in some good food and drink. Matt in our LTL department won the fondle the sock game (it’s not what you think) lol. Nick in the project cargo division, with his keen eyes, matched the baby picture with the appropriate employee. Emily and Sarah took the win in the one-handed gift-wrapping contest. Our intermodal manager Scott dominated beer pong, it’s all about the back spin. Unfortunately, we have a rift in our accounting department due to the ruthless taking of the gift during the Yankee swap. Hopefully it will blow over soon. But in the end a great time was had by all. We are very blessed to be part of such a great team and looking forward to tackling all the logistical challenges together in the upcoming new year!

Merry Christmas!