We are highlighting our drayage teams strengths in specific seaport and rail ramp regions, as our understanding of the pitfalls in each terminal has enabled us to successfully build up our driver capacity and develop solutions to help mitigate the unique challenges in each of these key port terminals and rail ramps.

Savannah Georgia is the single largest and fastest-growing container terminal in America. The Port of Savannah is closest by rail to the major population centers of Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Memphis, and Orlando. The Port is home to the largest single-terminal container facility of its kind in North America, is comprised of two modern, deep-water terminals: Garden City Terminal and Ocean Terminal. Together, these facilities exemplify the GPA’s exacting standards of efficiency and productivity. Garden City Terminal is the fourth busiest container handling facilities in the United States, encompassing more than 1,200 acres and moving millions of tons of containerized cargo annually. Savannah is a key port on the east coast and will become one of the first major ports to experience capacity and a congestion crunch as ocean shipping normalizes due to sheer volume typically handled. The intermodal rail ramps in the Atlanta area typically see limited driver availability and ramp congestion are the primary challenges when operating at full capacity.

In these areas we have been able to maintain our network of drivers handling high volume, consistent lanes of import and export FCL traffic. The team of professional drayage dispatchers at Demanko has decades of experience with the ‘ins and outs’ of these ports and rail ramps. This enables us to anticipate any potential issues and mitigate them prior to them becoming a problem.

Get ahead of the curve and contact the professional drayage dispatch team at Demanko to learn more about how we can help with your organization’s full container drayage needs.