Established in 1992, Demanko HLC Logistics Inc has been a reliable solution for freight professionals in the transportation industry for thirty years. The reason is the people, the team at Demanko make us who we are today. Experienced freight professionals who care and take ownership. Our mission is clear, we are here for the people, the customers, staff and our families. No matter the company, when you take away all the technology, marketing and fancy logos what do you have? The people…. we are very proud of our team and we have equipped them with some of the best technology in the industry. However the most powerful software in the world is useless without freight professionals who have in-depth industry knowledge and experience to operate the system. At the end of the day we are just people moving freight for people. The team at Demanko Logistics is honored to be part of the solution and we take the responsibility seriously. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary we will be highlighting some of the star employees at Demanko on LinkedIn and in our newsletter who make Demanko what it is today. Please take some time to learn about the individuals that make Demanko an amazing place to work and a service provider freight professionals can trust.