As more and more foreign manufacturers come back online from the shut downs earlier this year, there is a flurry of full container load (FCL) imports flooding US ports. SS Line terminals, rail ramps, depot‘s and container yards are presently overflowing with Import cargo. Full container load capacity is tight and demand is high.

These factors are affecting equipment availability, as chassis and drivers are in high demand during this influx. In addition forecasts are predicting will continue to see this for some time. The drayage team at Demanko has worked tirelessly for almost 30 years to set up relationships with the dispatchers and drivers that we count on to pull containers to and from the seaports and rail ramps. The Demanko drayage team systems and approach create a predictable favorable results that you can depend on. Our long-term relationships are the back bone of the Demanko drayage program. Contact our professional drayage dispatchers to learn more about how our program can benefit your organization.

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