They are the newest additions to the Demanko freight family! Frankie is the white one in the middle. The previous owners went to pick up Pete and saw Frankie all alone and asked about her. The breeder said she was deaf so they were going to put her down, the couple wouldn’t leave without her and after much debate, the breeder let them take her home. Peg Leg Pete may be big but he is really just a scaredy-cat! Their original parents needed to find then a new home after a medical condition impacted their ability to care for them safely. Our FCL drayage dispatcher Kerry Ann (pictured below) saw them on and welcomed them to her home. They are getting more comfortable with their new family and they are never too far from their mom. They are very affectionate and nap enthusiasts. Take a moment to welcome Frankie and Pete to the Demanko freight family!