Marching into March! We have had just about everything but the kitchen sink thrown at us in the transportation industry so far this year. A pandemic, winter weather, driver and equipment shortages, port congestion and closures all have contributed to the challenges we face as transportation providers. These issues have not just affected the seaports and rail ramps but the CFS’s, Air handling terminals and warehouses alike. There has been approximately six consecutive months of record import volumes and we still have more on the way! There is some chatter among our freight friends and colleagues that it will start to loosen up towards the end of spring. Staying connected with our team consistently in order to proactively prepare for your transportation needs will help to secure the equipment required to move your cargo. As a partner and service provider Demanko has continued to evolve with the ever changing international freight industry. Our team of freight professionals has worked assiduously for almost 30 years to set up systems to create predictable favorable results that you can depend on. We have implemented adaptive procedures throughout the North America in order to combat these current challenges. Contact our professional team of dispatchers to learn more about how our programs can benefit your organization.

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