Happy February Freight Friends! We are full steam ahead into 2022! January flew by in the blink of an eye! As the seaports, rail ramps continue to work the backlog of containers from the increase of imports, the challenges dues to Covid19, the demand for draymen and equipment remains high. The forecasts are predicting we will continue to see this for some time into the second quarter of 2022. Staying connected with our team consistently to proactively prepare for your drayage needs will help to secure the equipment required to navigate these treacherous waters. As a partner and service provider Demanko has continued to evolve with the ever-changing ocean freight industry. Our team of drayage freight professionals has worked assiduously for over 30 years to set up systems to create predictable favorable results that you can depend on. In addition, we have implemented adaptive procedures throughout the North American ports and rail ramps to combat these current challenges. Contact our professional drayage dispatchers to learn more about how our full container load (FCL) programs can benefit your organization.