Some days do you think your truck broker is playing a prank on you, with the empty promises of submarket rates? All kidding aside, new freight brokers and 3PL’s are opening up every day. Now, with the addition of technology, websites can pop up and present a façade in order to appear to have the goods to deliver your cargo safely and legally. Flashy websites with quick online rating tools that give the illusion they are capable, however no equipment or driver are actually attached to the rate. At Demanko we have established long term relationships with our carrier partners. The rating system at Demanko is based on the product, timing requirements, the region and most importantly market conditions. It’s no joke that we work to pay our carriers and drivers a fair rate to deliver a predictable outcome. As the drivers are our life line! Our professional team has decades of experience providing the logistics industry with proven solution based results. Don’t be fooled and stay true Freight Friends!

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